About Monica

Monica Demetriades was born in Nicosia Cyprus and raised in the multi-cultural city of London.

She trained at the prestigious Hornsey College of Art, later to become Middlesex University during the colourful 70’s. Monica Demetriades is now a renowned British Cypriot Artist with over thirty years of experience in her field. Her work has been highly valued worldwide. Monica Demetriades enjoys using many painting media and printmaking techniques. Her passionate pursuit of art has led her to create work which is vibrant, with luscious colour, full of energy and vitality and simultaneously calming and soothing. Monica reveals that her art reflects her changeable moods and feelings, be it a calming day at the beach, a busy day in the city, a hike in the mountains ,a walk in the park or merely observing a starry evening sky. Monica’s art is spirited and vivacious ,conjuring up an inner feeling of peace.

Monica Demetriades has exhibited in a number of galleries in her home town of Nicosia and will be exhibiting in London in the new year!

She has exhibited solo at Gallery Gloria, Technis Dromena and Golden Gallery and has participated in group exhibitions island wide.